Living a life less toxic…

by Faith Canter

Organic Farms and Writers Workshops

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Well life is just flying by these days!

I love the fact I now have the energy (and brain power) to do and enjoy a whole host of things.  Every day that passes proves to me how much I’ve grown and evolved since having ME/CFS and also since recovering from it.

Not long after my last post me and a group of ladies from the Let’s Make This Word A Better Place Meetup group ( visited the beautiful Pillars of Hercules Organic Garden and Veggie Cafe.  We couldn’t have picked a better day for it, the sun was shining and the place was buzzing (actually a little too literally for some of the group, who have a fear of wasps and bees).

We had a wonderful meal there, did a tour of the grounds and mooched around the shop.  It was incredibly busy, showing a lot more people are opening up to the benefits of eating organic.  It makes me very pleased to see this and I encourage anyone local to visit this place.  They sell their veggies etc in the shop there, and most items, even though everything is organic are cheaper than buying non-organic from the supermarkets.

I know I’ll certainly be taking regular trips up there for my organic goodies now!

The photo below is some of the clan next to some courgettes- Image


Then this last weekend I attended this years Hayhouse Writers Workshop.

This was an incredible weekend, I came away buzzing with ideas, completely inspired and having made friends with some lovely like-minded people.

Reid Tracey (Hayhouse CEO) was super at explaining the good and bad of writing/publishing, Lynee McTaggart (author) gave us a lot of facts and information to digest and Robert Holden (author) was truly inspiring and very funny to listen to.  All round I would strongly recommend anyone considering writing a book (especially if it may be an alternative type of book to attend one of these workshops).

Below is a photo of me with Robert Holden-



One of the things they taught us was to brand ourselves rather than having business names.  After all the business name isn’t likely to work when selling books.  I’ve taken this on board and created a new facebook page ( which will be my main page very soon.  So if you want to follow what’s going on with me, the business and get healthy hints and tips then take a look at it.  The new website will follow and even this blog will be getting a facelift. I’m going to be trying a new look and name for it – so watch this space!


So that’s me for this blog, I’ll be doing a little write up in my next blog about a talk I attended last night by David Hamilton (another Hayhouse author) and what his views are on if our life is mapped out or if we have freewill.

Bye for now.

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