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by Faith Canter

Raw Food & Is Our Life Mapped Out?


Hi there,

I realise I forgot to mention in my last blog how my Mini Raw Food Workshop went.  Well it went really rather well!  A lovely group of people attended, we made some beautiful, healthy, nutritious and very yummy food and talked about the many benefits of raw food, how to prepare, soak, sprout and store raw foods and how to get the enzymes our body requires for good health.


This event was only a 3 hour introduction into raw food but we covered quite a lot and everyone got to eat plenty of raw dishes before taking a little doggie bag of them home with them along with a handout of recipes and instructions.  So all round it was a very enjoyable evening.

A few days after my Mini Raw Food Workshop I attended a local talk by one of my favourite authors, David Hamilton.  In this talk (which was based on his newest book) he discussed if our life is mapped out or if we have freewill.

I found this a really interesting topic and, as always, David put a scientific spin on something I’ve always thought to be a rather spiritual topic.  He explained his theories about being on a certain path in our life, but how there isn’t just one path and that by making certain choices in our lives we can change our path, thus changing not only our future but also our past!  Obviously there’s a lot more to this than I’ve mentioned so if this topic interests you I suggest you have a look at his newest book, ‘Is Your Life Mapped Out?’


I wanted to tell you all about my 28 Day Challenge I’m  putting together.

Over the course of 28 days we’ll address lots of things that will help you towards a much healthier and happier body and mind. This will start Monday  4th November and I will be setting up an additional page on my blog where I’ll be posting each day of the 28 days with new advice, links and encouragement.  The first post will be a week before the challenge is due to start, which will inform you of anything you need to do, prepare or use up prior to the challenge.

You will be able to share your own experiences, questions and views on the blog page also.  Please sign-up to my blog (either my putting your email address in on this section of the blog or by clicking the “follow” button if you’re already a member of WordPress) to be part of this event.  It’s totally free and you’ll get lots of useful information about health and well-being over this period and hopefully come out the other end feeling so much better.  If you know anyone else that is interested in this challenge then please tell them to follow the blog page  also.

Lastly I wanted to share with you my homemade, all natural car air-fresher.  I hate the horrible chemically smelling car air-freshers you get these days.  Not only are these offensive to my nostrils but they’re also another item that we generally all use that’s bad for the environment (and of course they don’t last very long for the cost of them either).   So I’ve been thinking of ways to make my car smell less like dogs but without using the chemical air fresheners.  Then I remembered the little pillow pouches I’ve made before!  So I got a small piece of old fabric, some uncooked rice, a selection of essentials oils, a ribbon and a paper-clip and came up with the below.


Every time air comes through the vents it gives the car a fresh blast of the essential oils in the pouch and when it starts to be less scented you can simply crush the pouch up a bit to stimulate the oils again.

Once the essential oil smell has gone altogether  just open the pouch up and add some more.


I love this simple little item.  You can use it in your car or home, under your pillow or in your drawers and wardrobe and it costs next to nothing to produce and is a whole lot better for the environment than standard car air-fresheners.

I’m going to try to regularly give away little freebies like the above to my followers on here, so watch this space for some more!

Next time round I’ll be able to tell you all about the Hayhouse ‘I Can Do It’ weekend I’m attending this weekend in Glasgow and also a couple of Let’s Make This World a Better Place events happening over the next week or so.

Have a great week people =0)

4 thoughts on “Raw Food & Is Our Life Mapped Out?

  1. I like your idea about the car freshener Faith and will probably use this myself.

  2. Glad you like it Joy,the simply ideas are almost always the best aren’t they =0)

  3. Thanks Jacki, we aim to please ha =0)

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