Living a life less toxic…

by Faith Canter

28 Day Challenge Day Two


Welcome back!  

How did everyone get on with the first day then?  Did you find it easy, hard, or did you forget to start?

Day Two (Tuesday):

For Day Two we will be continuing with all of Day One’s goals but with a few extra added on.

This means you continue with all of these:

1. No gluten (Check out Day One for tips)

2. No processed sugars

3. Meditate for at least 3-5 mins (preferably a guided meditation if you’re new to this)

4. Drink at least 1 litre of fresh (preferably filtered) water throughout the day (not from plastic, if possible)

5. Complete 10 seconds of planking (see Day One for more info)

6. Pick one drawer or cupboard to de-clutter (recycle, reuse or donate as much as possible…this is what the cardboard box(es) is/are for).


The extra bits for Day Two: 

1. Natural Cleaner:

When de-cluttering replace normal chemical household cleaners with natural and healthy vinegar solutions. Find a disused spray bottle and add one part white vinegar to 2 parts water, then add the juice of half a lemon or lime (or squirty lemon if you don’t have any fresh) and add 20-30 drops of essential oils (oils like lime, lemon, cedar, clove, tea-tree, and lavender work best).  Shake well before each us.

This can be used on floors, windows, kitchen side and in bathrooms (but not round sealant as it can eat away at this).  It may still smell vinegary as you’re using it but the smell quickly disperses.  You should avoid unpainted wood, but everything else should be fine.

2. Gratitude Pad

Find yourself a small notepad (one that’s easily carried around) and write 10 things you are grateful for in it each day.  These could be things like health, loved ones, having a wage, pets, a warm home, food, good hair, skin, having certain people in your life, being able to travel or being at peace.  The choice really is yours it can be anything you like as long as you’re grateful for it pop it down, if you find yourself putting more down that’s fine.

3. Walking

Use a pedometer or a stop watch to get a rough idea of either how many steps you take or how long you are walking for in the day.

4. Cut out alcohol

Cut out all alcohol and fizzy drinks (if you haven’t cut these out already).

5. Probiotic

If you have any probiotics start taking them; if you don’t then order/purchase one and start taking it as soon as it arrives (you should take pro-biotics for 6 – 24 months for maximum effect, so the sooner you start taking them the better).  Take a probiotic with at least one billion friendly and multiple strains of lactobacillus bacteria in – this will help with digestion, enzymes levels, absorption, intolerances and yeast overgrowths caused by overindulging and stress.

So that’s Day Two for you!

If you have any questions or queries then please post them below.  Also please feel free to share how your getting on with things so far.

6 thoughts on “28 Day Challenge Day Two

  1. Can you recommend a probiotic please.

  2. Thanks for the probiotic recommendation Faith. I had some, but nothing near the strength you recommended. I’m assuming that because you shop at Healthspan that they sell good quality natural products. Don’t have a pedometer and didn’t manage many steps today, but otherwise a good Day Two. Fairly focuses you 🙂

    • Yes Healthspan seem to have a good reputation and have no gluten, yeast and dairy in most of there goods and there are a lot less bulking agents in general – so that’s all a winner for me!
      There are obviously better companies out there, with even better products, but I use them as they are the best within my price bracket that I’ve found.
      Glad to hear your doing well with the challenge =0)

  3. I’ve been buying things locally, but it’s so expensive I don’t think I can sustain getting everything that way, even if I do want to support local business! 😦 You’ve saved me a heap of time and effort because I know you do a lot of research, so if Healthspan is the company you’ve found with the best products at a lower price bracket, I would be unlikely to find anything better. I don’t know about reputation, but like you said, having scrutinised a few products last night they are good about gluten/wheat, vegetarian, sugar, yeast and dairy and seem to be going for natural ingredients rather than chemical and have bio-available options, which is important since absorption and reaction is a problem for me.

    The challenge is proving to be very helpful in motivating me. I’m sooo glad you’re doing it 🙂

    • Yes i spent quite some time looking around for a company I felt happy buying from and they ticked most of the boxes for me, so I’ll be sticking with them for now =)
      Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

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