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Energy Healing Detox

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Energy Healing Detox – Guest Blog by Rachel Medhurst 

Do you ever feel drained? Does your body feel tired and exhausted?

Our bodies run on energy. We have energy centres in our bodies that control how we feel in general.

When I decided to try my hand at energy healing, I was amazed at how quickly I could ‘feel’ energy. I could physically feel it spinning when I put my hands in front and behind a person’s chakra. Our emotions usually affect that energy. Our energy centres are at seven points in our body, starting from the base of the spine and working up to the top of your head.

When learning about energy healing, I realised that each chakra is related to a different part of our lives. For instance, your base chakra is related to security, the material world and reproduction. Your throat chakra is related to your truth, voicing concerns and expression.

When we are unbalanced in our lives, it’s usually because we are unbalanced in these emotional areas. The chakras will become clogged if we are avoiding how we feel about a certain situation. These emotions then become trapped in the chakras, causing outside difficulties and physical problems too.

Most of the time, the emotions that are blocked, stem from our childhood. We find it hard to process anything when we are young, either because our parents or guardians don’t let us, or because we’re too scared to allow the feelings to come up. When we start to heal and cleanse ourselves, we can release these blocked emotions forever.

When energy healing, I start by moving my hands up the chakras. The energy comes through me and starts to clear away the blocked emotions. These slowly come up to the surface to be felt. This rising feeling usually continues for a few days. I personally felt a lot more refreshed after having energy healing. This was because the emotions were able to come up to be felt, rather than me sinking down to meet them. This rising feeling is like a cleansing of emotional toxins. I then proceed around the body at different points to allow energy to flow to every part of the body. This should help any physical ailments.

It’s important to understand that when any type of cleansing is going on, it’s the thoughts and emotions that you believe and hold onto, that needs to be cleansed. The unblocking of the emotions through energy healing allows this to happen naturally. If we did not feel this, we would not be able to let it go. Therefore the physical ailments and issues in your life could not be healed. Everything is connected, including the mind, body and spirit. When you take the time to heal all three, you truly start to see some beautiful results.

NB: As an Energy Healer I do not claim to cure illness or disease.

Rachel Medhurst is an inspirational writer and energy healer.

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