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by Faith Canter

3 Lotion Bar Recipes

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Love this simple recipe!

Simple Life Mom

I love my homemade lotion!  That’s for sure.  I’m just about out of my shea butter lotion which I use the most, but I always have some lotion bars as back up while I make more.

These lotion bars are great for kids as well.  You can make them the right size for their little hands to hold and rub on their bodies after a shower.

MOLDS: Cupcake liners work great!  You can also line a glass dish with waxed paper and pour the lotion into it to cool.  Simply slice when cool.  The waxed paper will help you pull it out of the dish when it’s hard. Another way is to pour the lotion mixture into empty deodorant containers.  These make it easy to rub all over.

ESSENTIAL OILS: Use what you love!  Lavender is very relaxing.  Rosemary is great for the skin.  Tea Tree is a…

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