Living a life less toxic…

by Faith Canter

The Destruction of Sugar. What Next?

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Great blog about that naughty sugar stuff!

Simple Life Mom

My Story

april 004Sugar really is addicting!  Some compare it to heroin (I wouldn’t know).  What I do know is that it really did destroy my health for most of my life.  A lot of you know some of this story. I have always struggled with having a high metabolism (which is slowing down now) and low blood sugar.  The combination caused me to occasionally pass out in public…not fun.  I had other health issues that I didn’t know about, so basically I felt horrible all the time.

What do we do when we feel horrible all the time?  We find something that we think makes us feel better. I turned to what was easily accessible…sugar!  I was a health nut..literally I didn’t drink pop or anything like that, but started off on grape juice…constantly.  Over the years, that led to pepsi and sweet tea.  I would get my…

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