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My Top Tips for Healing the Digestive System

Traditional medicine often looks at the symptoms rather than the cause when addressing health concerns.  As such, underlying health issues are often not dealt with, but instead rear their ugly heads either with the same symptoms later on down the line or through new symptoms instead.

It is believed that illnesses like Crohn’s disease, food intolerance’s, Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), leaky gut and coeliac disease can all be repaired through good gut health.  As these health concerns are all gut based, it is not surprising that maintaining a healthy gut can aid recovery.  But what if I also told you that autoimmune diseases like lupus, MS, diabetes, some forms of thyroid disease and many more autoimmune issues, skin conditions, mental health concerns, weight gain, fatigue, brain fog and some learning difficulties are also thought to be curable or least made substantially better by addressing gut health?

When you maintain good gut health, it has a huge, positive impact on general health.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. The toxicity of the body will be greatly reduced when addressing gut health. The digestive system will be able to eliminate more of the toxins from food and drink consumed.  Not only this but when addressing gut health, you will as part of the process be addressing the balance of good and bad bacteria in the digestive system.  When the bad bacteria get out of hand they create more and more toxins as they grow, raising the bodies toxicity levels and putting additional strain on the lymphatic’s, as well as many other parts of the body.  When you bring these into balance you will find that the body eliminates these toxins easily and you feel better not only in the gut, but throughout the body.
  2. With poor gut health you will have depleted digestive enzymes, these are needed to absorb the essential nutrients from your food and drink for your body to use in its day to day functions. With better gut health you have more of these enzymes and thus absorb more goodness from your food.
  3. Your gut is the core of the body’s immune system. With better gut health, you have better health in general, along with fewer illnesses.
  4. We produce around 95% of our serotonin in the gut (and the rest in the brain), so good gut health, means a happier you.
  5. Poor gut health often means increased inflammation in the body, which leads to a whole host of other health complaints, including arthritis, joint and muscular inflammation and pain. This can be greatly reduced when addressing gut health.
  6. You’ll have more energy, as the body uses up a lot of energy trying to process foods and drinks that upset the digestive system when it is not at its best.
  7. All gut based illnesses, such as things IBS, leaky gut and many more should improve when addressing the health of the gut.
  8. Brian fog, mental clarity, memory issues and mood issues can all be minimized when addressing gut health, as many of these essential enzymes, vitamins and minerals needed for these functions of the body will be absorbed and utilized more easily within the body.

As you can see there are many benefits to good gut health and you’ll be pleased to know it’s fairly easy to start achieving this.  There are many pills, potions and programs that claim to do this, but in my personal opinion getting back to basics is the easiest and most effective way to do this.

You do this by:

  1. Ditching processed foods and drinks.
  2. Stop microwaving your food, this destroys most of it’s nutrient content.
  3. Introducing more raw, enzyme rich foods and drinks into your diet (you want to be aiming for around 50% raw).
  4. Introducing fermented / cultured / probiotic rich foods and drinks.  I do not mean pickled foods and drinks, I mean, unpasterised sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and kombucha (to name just a few). *If you have a histamine intolerance you would want to follow a histamine healing protocol first before starting on fermented foods and drinks.
  5. Reduce the amount of sugar, gluten, MSG and white carbohydrates in your diet.
  6. Look to get tested for food intolerance’s and remove these items from your diet until your digestive system has had time to heal.
  7. Is it possible you have a fungal and /or parasite issue?  If so, then follow one of my protocols for addressing this, here.
  8. Detox the body.  Because if the body is full of toxins it’s not able to take on-board the nutrients it requires for good health.  Every single natural process of the body works better with less toxins in it!
  9. You may want to consider enemas or colonic hydrotherapy.
  10. Try wearing a Zapper, which will help remove fungus, parasites, viruses and bad bacteria and toxins from the body.
  11. Drink plenty of fresh water every day.  Herbal teas or freshly pressed juices (especially one’s with cabbage in) also count towards your overall intake.
  12. Reduce your stress levels, either through meditation, yoga (or some other similar exercise), EFT/Tapping, Flower Remedies or any similar therapies.
  13. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of reducing the amount of medication you are taking. Antibiotics, steroids, oral contraceptives and many more medications upset the balance of the gut.  If you are taking any of these regularly then a really good probiotic is recommended (unless you are partaking in the daily consumption of fermented foods and drinks, in which case you should be getting enough probiotics this way).
  14. The supplement Glutamine is a wonderful short terms supplement for helping to heal the gut.


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What have you found helpful for healing the digestive system?


Dealing with those wee beasties

It is believed that around 70% of us could have a fungal and / or a parasite issue in our digestive system.  This often occurs over a period of time, but usually because of long term stress, bad eating and drinking habits, drug use (both legal and illegal), especially antibiotics, steroids or oral contraceptive medication or a combination of all of the above.


As the ecology of the digestive system starts to break down then the bad yeasts and bacteria start to take hold.  This then opens your digestive system up to being a lovely inviting home to parasites also.  Initially you may not notice any symptoms / side-effects of this happening but eventually (sometimes years later) you may notice your health isn’t quite right, that Monday morning feeling never goes away and you may also have started to have some or most of the symptoms below.


  1. Flu / Sinus Problems / Coughs/Sore Throats
  2. IBS / Upset Tummies / Constipation/Indigestion
  3. Depression
  4. PMS, Mood Swings & Irritability
  5. Headaches/Migraines
  6. Chronic Fatigue / Low energy levels
  7. An inability to Lose Weight / Weight Gain
  8. Itching throughout the body & including the genital and rectal areas
  9. Poor Concentration / Feeling Generally Muddled
  10. Skin Conditions / Acne /Eczema
  11. Dizziness
  12. Muscle Weakness/Pain
  13. Food & Chemical Sensitive’s
  14. Low Libido
  15. Thrush and Athletes Foot
  16. Inability to absorb and utilize adequate nutrients from your food


The reason for this is because as the fungus grows it produces toxins which spread throughout the body.  They can affect all areas of the body and especially run amuck through the digestive and endocrine systems, potentially affecting our hormones, including things like thyroid function and insulin production.  The more the fungus grows the more toxins it produces and the more overrun the body becomes.  Your body works hard to try to remove these toxins and in the meantime the fungus is producing more and more of them.  Without some additional help the body simply cannot deal with the fungus and its friends, the parasites and you start to become increasingly unwell. 

The good news is that it is fairly easy to bring the fungus back to a normal healthy balance.  You can do this in one of (or a combination of) the following ways.


Detoxing the body

If you create an environment that the fungus and parasites do not like within your body they will leave.  If you follow a really healthy diet plan then the digestive system will eventually become balanced again.  This can be helped by cutting out processed foods, sugars and alcohol and consuming a combination of detoxing herbs.  The three following herbs are especially powerful at eliminating fungus and parasites, but if in any doubt see a qualified herbalist who will advise you on how and when to take these and any others:  Wormwood, Black Walnut and Clove.  Also look to introduce anti-candida foods, such as ginger, garlic, coconut oil and oregano. 


Fermented Food and Drinks

Fermented foods and drinks are full of good bacteria, yeasts and probiotics, when you consume these they help to rebalance the digestive system and eliminate the overgrowth of fungus and eventually encourage the parasites to leave, as they don’t like healthy environments.  Try to have as many different strains (different fermented food and drinks) as possible for optimum benefits.  Start with a very small amount, maybe a tablespoons worth and slowly build up, otherwise you may find you have some pretty side effects, as the fermented produce affectively detoxes the digestive system.  A slight churning of the stomach is a good sign, it means the good stuff in the fermented produce it attacking the bad stuff in your gut, however if you have any worsening symptoms than this then please reduce how much you are consuming and slowly build it up again.  Note: By fermented I mean lacto-ferments or cultured foods and drinks, not pickled. 



Zappers are wonderful little boxes of health.  A traditional zapper looks like a small box that has two electrodes and a strap attached to it.  You wear it next to your skin (on the lowest setting to start with and never above 12 volts) for 60 minutes in the morning, afternoon and evening.  It literally draws toxins right through the skin and along with this it is thought to kill many viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites within the body.  It also helps to ground you and reduces the effects of electromagnetic stress, due to it being negativity charged, just like our planet.  Zappers are thought it help alkalise and balance the body and remove everything from herpes and Lyme disease to emotional blockages throughout the body.  These are not recommend for anyone with a pacemaker or if pregnant.


Enemas and Colonics:

Enemas and colonics are very affective at removing those pesky critters from the digestive system.  Enemas are fairly easy to do at home, but in my personal opinion they don’t get high enough up the digestive system to be completely remove all fungus and parasites, however colonics do.  I would highly recommend going to a fully qualified colonic expert, preferably with a medical or nutritional back ground.  They will be able to tell you if you have a fungus or parasite issue and the best course of action to help support the treatments they give you (note there should be multiple treatments to be affective).


Yeast die-off Diet

This option is a bit more drastic, but affective.  There are many die-off diets around, some lasting years, some just a few days and others using pills and potions.  The die-off diet I recommend lasts around 3 weeks (slightly less for moderate cases and slightly more for more severe cases).

During a die-off diet you would aim to starve the fungus so that it retreats back to a healthy level within the body.

To do this you would need to completely cut out all sugars for this period, this includes fruit sugars and honey as well as all the bad sugars.  You also need to cut out all yeasts and funguses as well, this includes mushrooms, vinegars, blue cheeses and pickled goods as well as alcohol.  On top of this you would cut out all items that create a sugary or yeasty effect in the body, so this includes all refined carbohydrates, and many white foods like white potatoes, white flour / pasta and white rice (but brown rice is fine and things like quinoa are fine).


Tomatoes and carrots are both fine raw but cooked they become sugary, so they are best avoided or dramatically cut down in this period.


You should try where possible to only eat organic foods, especially where meat and dairy are concerned.  These two types of foods in particular if not organic that can hold a high number of antibiotics and additional hormones that the fungus will love.  Any pesticides and preservatives on fruits and veggies will be a little gold mine for the fungus also, so if you can’t manage organic make sure you wash these well.


If you have any food or chemical sensitivities then these need to be avoided for this time to help the body heal and the immune system strengthen. 


It is very important that during this time of change you have a varied and balanced diet and do not cut items out not to be replaced by other items.  Varying your diet will minimise food sensitivities and help your digestive system work more effectively, as well as give you a good supply of essential nutrients.


Anything you can do to strengthen the immune system is going to help, so make sure you have adequate amounts of Vitamin C, Zinc & Selenium in your will help. 


Drink at least 2-3Litres per day water to flush the fungus and it’s toxins out and to support a healthy digestive track. You can make this water more alkalising by adding cucumber, ginger or pH drops.


Cut out, or if not down on caffeine, instead replacing this with herbal teas, especially one’s that support the liver, like nettle and dandelion. 


Make sure to take a daily probiotic (if you are not consuming fermented foods and drinks), one with many million strains of lactobacillus bacteria.


Grapefruit Seed extract (not grape seed extract) is recommended, please read the label and consume only as advised and start with the minimum dose.  This is a very strong, natural antifungal and isn’t for everyone, so if you find this is too much for you then please discontinue use.  This is also not advised long term. 


Oregano Oil extract is an excellent natural antifungal, but again it is fairly strong, so shouldn’t be taken long term.  And although it suggests on the label that you can put this directly onto the mouth undiluted, I would not recommend this unless you want to be hopping about the kitchen trying to scrap the taste off your tongue for the next hour (like I was). 


I would not recommend taking the above anti-fungals for longer than 12 weeks, which is the believed amount of time it takes for all the toxins from the fungus to leave the body after the die-off diet.


Lastly, try having daily Epsom salt baths to help draw out the toxins created by the fungus and the die-off of itself.


You will know when the die-off is finished as you will likely be feeling under the weather during this time and will literally wake up one morning (usually around the 3 week mark) feeling absolutely fine again.


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Do any of you have any tips for dealing with inner beasties? 


What’s all this tapping about?

For those of you that haven’t really come across EFT/Tapping before or haven’t got the foggiest what it is I thought I’d put together a blog to explain this amazing tool you could all easily learn to use.

This is the official definition for Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) / Tapping:
A form of counselling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy.

This is my definition:
It’s one of the most successful things I tried very early on in my recovery from ME/CFS and which I still use regularly to this day. It helped me deal with deep seated issues as well as day to day stress, anxiety and general ill health.

EFT was founded by Gary Craig and is similar to acupuncture (but without the needles!). Basically you tap on meridian points throughout the body whilst vocalising on areas of concern, and this releases the blockages created throughout the body by these toxic thoughts. This then releases the hold these thoughts have over us and most importantly it breaks patterns associated with these thoughts. It’s like a counselling session but without having to open up to someone about your darkest and deepest thoughts. For it to work most affectively you take yourself back to the first time you had the issue or concern and tap about how this made you feel both physically and emotionally. It’s believed that if you can address the root cause of the concern then all the other times this has effected you since then in your life will be addressed in this session also. It is an extremely powerful tool and can release a lot of hurt, emotions, toxic thoughts and long standing beliefs about yourself and others. This not only has really positive physiological benefits but it helps all sorts of physical issues that have actually started due to these underlying thought patterns or at least made worse by them. It can help anything from back pain and weight loss to your love life and depression.

If you look EFT / Tapping up you might get confused by all the different types and styles of it. Please don’t be put off, it’s really simple and is really up to you how you do it. Some people start with the head, others at the place they call the karate chop. Some start with a set-up phrase, others don’t bother. And some even do eye rolls and individual finger tapping. They are all right, no one person’s way of tapping is better than anyone else’s; they are simply different people’s preferences. I personally suggest you keep it simple to start with and once you get the hang of it, you can add other bits if you wish.

So how do you do it?
1. Think about something that is bothering you, but be specific. I am emotional would not be detailed enough, you need to list the reasons why and how this is affecting you within your body and mind. Does is make you feel sick in the tummy, tight in your chest, tearful, drained, scared etc.
2. For the sake of this exercise, let’s name your issue “stress”. Rate the intensity of your stress level on a scale of 0-10 (10 being bad).
3. Next we put together a set-up phrase. The set-up phrase not only focuses the mind on your issue, but has a deeply healing affect itself as it’s like performing affirmations directly on our meridians. Here are some options for the set-up phrase you can use:

Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I deeply and completely love and accept myself
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I love and accept my young self
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I’m ok anyway
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I can choose to be kinder to myself
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I can accept that this is just where I am right now
Even though I’m feeling ‘stressed’ I want to love and accept myself

Some people find picking the right set-up phrase difficult, as they do not feel very positive about themselves. If you’re one of these people then you can use one of the options further down the list, or make your own up, or not bother with the set-up phrase at all. Whichever way works for you is best.

I know it might seem strange focusing on the negative, as we are always being told it’s important to focus on the positive. But all you are really doing here is vocalising your negative thoughts that you are already having and haven’t already eliminated. You vocalise them to clear the blockages and then you finish your tapping routine on something positive that replaces the negative issue within you.

4. To perform the set-up, tap on the karate chop point (see below diagram) and repeat your chosen set-up phrase three times: Even though I’m feeling stressed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


5. Tap through all the points shown on the below diagram, tapping each around 10 times (starting with the top of the head and working down one side of your body only) while repeating reminder phrases (like below). Reminder phrases are all the ways this stress has made you feel both physically and emotionally. You could say things like:

This stress makes me feel sick to my tummy
This stress makes me feel tense across my shoulders
This stress makes me feel emotionally and physically drained
This stress makes me feel like there’s a dark black ball in my chest
This stress makes me feel like I want to cry all the time and I have no idea why
This stress makes so angry with everyone, I want to bite people’s heads off
It’s …… fault, they make me stressed, they….
This stress started when…..
This stress makes me feel so out of control

6. If other things pop into your mind whilst you are tapping that seem unrelated then tap on those also. More often than not you’ll be surprised what pops up and is actually related.

7. If you can remember the first time you felt this sort of stress then it’s important to tap on that time and all the thoughts and feelings around that time. This will help all the other times since, including the one you’re going through now.


8. After a couple of rounds of tapping, you should pause, take three deep belly breathes and notice the effects. Then reassess the intensity level. Has the number changed? What is it now? If it has dropped then you’re on the right track. If it hasn’t then there’s something else you should be tapping on. What could that be? What’s REALLY upsetting you?

9. If it has dropped but is not down to zero then refocus on your issue and repeat the tapping process again. The second time around, we can change the wording as follows:

Setup phrase: “Even though I still have some of this stress, I ….”

10. Then say things like: “This remaining stress…makes me feel/hurts/is/etc” (adding in any new feelings both mental and physical about this issue).

11. After several more rounds of tapping you should find the intensity of the feelings reduced to zero. If you stop making progress then sit and think about what else could be affecting this issue (however small or irrelevant and tap on that as well).

12. Either way it is important to try to finish your tapping on a positive rather than a negative. So consider saying things like:

Even though I haven’t got to the bottom of this issue I am open to addressing it and know I will find a way to help myself.
I am open to healing both mentally and physically
I now let go of my attachments to these issues
These feelings do not serve me, I let go of them now
I thank my body and/or mind for protecting me, but they can let go of this pain now
Even though I find this issue to upsetting to deal with now, I know I am on the right track and I allow myself to be open and willing to heal

If you do have deep seated toxic thoughts I would recommend going to a practitioner (at least the first couple of times if nothing else) as they can help you get the most out of your tapping and help you find and fully address the root cause to your concerns.

EFT is also an amazing tool for dealing with day to day concerns. You can tap on the bus, in the dentist’s surgery, whilst waiting for a job interview or for helping you through a presentation or a date. It’s a wonderfully versatile tool. There are loads of different videos you can follow for free online if you want to see how it’s done. Just do a search for EFT or Tapping and then the type in the issue you want to address. You’ll see that there’s pretty much an online video for every issue you can think of. There are even some of my own. Just check out my You Tube channel for these.

I noticed a big shift in myself after only one session of EFT, so I decided to train in it.  I trained with EFT UK who were super trainers and who I highly recommend.  If you are in the Edinburgh area and what to learn more about this amazing technique then check out their website, here.  And if not then I hope this blog helps you with some happy tapping at home.

For those of you that already tap, what do you find it most useful for?

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Raw Vegan Lemon & Blueberry Layered Cheesecake

1 cup pecans or macadamia nuts

1/2 cup walnuts

1/2 cup dates (pressed down)

1/4 cup desiccated coconut 

¼ tsp of Himalayan salt


Lemon Cheesecake layer

2 cups cashews (soaked for 2-4 hours and then drained)

3/4 cup lemon juice

2 tbs lemon zest (are unwaxed, organic lemons)

¼ cup of algave nectar or maple syrup

3/4 cup coconut oil

1 tbs vanilla extract


Blueberry layer

1 cup cashews (soaked for 2-4 hours and then drained)

1 cup blueberries

1/4 cup coconut oil

¼ of algave nectar or maple syrup

½ cup of fresh blueberries to serve



  1. Put all ingredients for the crust except for the dates in a food processor and blend until the ingredients are all crumbly.
  2. Now add the dates and blend well.
  3. Press into the mixture into the bottom of a cake tin and place in the freezer whilst preparing the other layers.
  4. Wash out the blender and then place all the lemon layer ingredients into your food processor and blend until fairly smooth.
  5. Pour the lemon layer ingredients over the crust layer in your freezer and then place in the freezer until the next layer is ready.
  6. Wash out the blender again and place all ingredients for the blueberry layer into the food processor and blend until smooth.
  7. Pour the blueberry layer on top of the lemon layer, add the remaining blueberries and pat down slightly and return to the freezer for a couple more hours.
  8. Place in the fridge for an hour or so before serving to soften enough to cut.

Note: If you want a small cake use a small cup throughout, if you want a larger cake use a larger cup. Don’t worry about exact measurements with recipes like this as they always taste delicious regardless.


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What’s your favourite raw cake or cake of any type for that matter?


Sane New World – Taming the Mind

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Ruby Wax’s show Sane New World at this years Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  I wasn’t sure what to expect as I knew the show was to cover the topic of depression but I also hoped for some of Ruby’s sense of humour thrown in for good measure.  I wasn’t disappointed!  Ruby managed to have us all laughing together, meditating together and taught us all a thing or two about the mind by the end of this jam packed hour.

Ruby is obviously extremely passionate about the topic of depression, having suffered from it for many years herself.  She went back to University to find out more about the condition, the mind , and then went on to study Mindfulness as well.  She is extremely educated and knowledgeable  about depression and has been called ‘the poster girl for mental health’. 10525588_10152186221895946_5715601201667533319_n

I loved the fact that she had everyone laughing about this mental health concern, especially as many people still try to hide this illness and others still connect such a stigma to it.

The show got me thinking about my own history with depression and what had, and hadn’t helped me.  So I thought I’d put together this blog to share this with you.  Even if you have not suffered from depression you might find it helpful for helping those that do.

How not to support someone with depression:

  1. Please never ever say ‘chin-up’ or ‘pull yourself together’!  Not only does this not help, but it very likely the recipient of the comment might want to jump up and smack you in the mouth.
  2. Never suggest that they have nothing to be depressed about.  They already feel like no one understands, and this would just be the icing on the cake.  They don’t need to hear this.
  3. Don’t ignore your suspicion that someone you know is suffering from depression.  They will need someone to talk to, even if it’s only to make sure they don’t feel alone.
  4. Don’t judge them.  They are doing enough of that themselves.
  5. Tough love never works, it only serves to make them feel more crappy and more alone.
  6. Never laugh or make fun of their feelings or behaviour.
  7. If they open up to you, don’t trivialize what they tell you.
  8. Don’t think that just because they have a ‘good’ day that the depression has gone away and don’t bring to much attention to ‘how much better they seem’ until there appears to be a more permanent change.


How to support someone with depression:

  1. Simply listen.
  2. Check in on them regularly, even if it’s only a text or a short email to say hi.  Even if they are not ready to talk, they need to know they have people that actually care about them.
  3. Make yourself available to them if they wish to talk or just be around others.
  4. Encourage (but do not push) self-care practices.  By this I mean, pampering sessions, getting out in nature, getting creative, doing things they love, spending time with pets, taking time out just for themselves and eating well.
  5. Offer to cook a healthy meal or two for them.  Often depression is made worse by a poor level of nutrients in what we eat, which is made worse again when we feel too depressed to be bothered about what we eat.
  6. Try to understand that it’s likely they feel pretty crappy about themselves and their life, so support rather than badgering is advised.
  7. Encourage them to seek, if not from a doctor then from a therapist of some description.
  8. Let them know they are loved and cared for often.
  9. Understand that if the depression is bad, they may have trouble attending appointments or doing shopping etc.  Offering support in these circumstances will really help.
  10. Never let them think you have given up on them, even if you have to take a back seat for a while for your own sanity. Explain this to them.  Explain that you still care for them, and are there if they need you.
  11. If they are using alcohol, drugs or stimulants of any sort, it’s probably because this makes them feel better, albeit temporarily  This could be a slippery slope to addiction, so encourage them to seek help for their underlying depression before it gets any worse.
  12. Let them see how truly amazing you think they are.  Allow them to see how much of a good friend or family member they are to you.  The nature of depression means that often think they are not, and that you have to keep ‘putting up with them’.
  13. Understand that most pills, potions and treatments don’t work straight away, so give it time.  Remind them that treatments aren’t instant.  They may want to give up if things don’t work right away
  14. If they allow them self to be used or abused by others, don’t judge them, but understand this is because they don’t feel worthy of anything else.
  15. Help them to find things to laugh about and have fun with.


How I supported myself when I had depression: 

  1. I started to understand that nothing out there is going to fix what was in here.  I had to look inside if I wanted to be happy.10312541_10152548206865783_3052405886960298638_n
  2. Listing what I was grateful for each day rather than what I felt was rubbish about me and my life.
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) / Tapping.  This helped me deal with some deep seated stuff that was making me unhappy and also stopped me on many occasions for starting the depression cycle all over again.
  4. Mindfulness and meditation.  Learning to live in the now, rather than in the past or future helped a huge amount.  Meditating in general helped me as it gave my busy brain some down time, which then started to filter through to more of my daily tasks, meaning I wasn’t constantly running over the same stuff in my mind.
  5. I stopped trying to cover up how I was feeling and started talking and accepting that pretending I couldn’t hear my own internal voice was never going to fix things.
  6. I started to reduce toxins from my life, both inside and out (including reducing toxic skin and home products).
  7. I started eating a balanced and healthy diet (removing foods high on the GI index to help balance my adrenals and blood sugar levels).
  8. I dealt with food intolerances and looked at ways to improve gut health.
  9. I increased my consumption of all the B vitamins.
  10. I used Bach Flower Remedies to deal with some of my thoughts and feelings.
  11. I de-cluttered my life, which helped to de-clutter my mind.
  12. I learned to stop seeing my own worth it what other people thought of me (or what I think they thought of me).
  13. I stopped seeing my self worth in my processions or what I felt I should of achieved at this stage of my life.
  14. I learned to respect and forgive myself.
  15. I stopped watching so much TV, reading newspapers and deleted lots of repeat negative offenders from my social network pages.  Instead I decided to watch inspiring films and documentary’s, read all sorts of inspiring stories and surround myself with as many positive people as possible.
  16. I started to ask myself what I could learn from what I’d been through and how I felt and how I could help others in similar situations.
  17. Understanding that no one is perfect, but that we are all amazing begins in our own right.
  18. Eventually learning self-care and self-love.


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What have you tried that’s helped your depression?

I’m now off to read my signed copy of Ruby’s book Sane New World – Taming the Mind!

For more information about Ruby Wax, her shows and her books please see her website –

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Delicious Raw Marinated Vegetable Salad

Here’s a great way to serve raw veggies for maximum nutrient and enzymes levels.  Enzymes are essential for good health and are lost when we cook our food.  The more raw food you consume the more enzymes and nutrients you will absorb from your food.  If you swap one of your daily cooked meals for a raw one or ensure part of each meal is raw then this will really benefit overall health.


1 large courgette

1 red pepper

1 yellow pepper

1 small red onion

5 or 6 mushrooms

2 tbsp of olive oil

2 tbsp of sesame seed oil

1 tsp of flaw seed oil (optional)

½ tsp of garlic granules (optional)

½ tsp mixed dried herbs (or herbs of your choice) or ½ cup of fresh chopped herbs

½ tsp dried seaweed flakes (optional)


  1. Slice all vegetables using either a spiraliser (on the widest setting), a mandolin, the slicing function on a food blender or slice thinly with a knife.
  2. Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix well.DSC_2144
  3. Place in the fridge to marinade for at least 2 hours, but preferably over night.  Make sure to stir everything around a couple of times.
  4. Drain off any excess oil and serve as a side salad or as a main with avocado or eggs for the non vegan of you.

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How do you like your veggies?